The Anderson Area Children’s Choir and Youth Chorale was founded the fall of 1992.

With an enrollment of more than 140 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade, the choir is dedicated to the art of excellent choral singing for singers who reside within Anderson and Madison County. The organization offers a performance-based program which strongly emphasizes developing musical literacy and appreciation through choral literature, while utilizing Kodály teaching techniques. The choir offers four levels of curriculum performance opportunities.

The AACC rehearses at First United Methodist Church in downtown Anderson and performs throughout the Anderson community.

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Our Mission

The Anderson Area Children’s Choir & Youth Chorale is filed with the State of Indiana as a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the art of excellent choral singing, providing youth with social, educational, and skill development opportunities such that they experience the personal worth of others. The choir exists to artistically enrich the lives of these children, their families, and the surrounding community.

The Anderson Area Children’s Choir & Youth Chorale provides a unique opportunity for children of all racial, economic, and religious backgrounds. Singers from private as well as public schools can participate in this vocal music experience in a large group setting. The performance-based program emphasizes musical literacy and appreciation. Quality choral literature from all styles and periods forms the foundation for musical learning.


The major goals for the children provided by the organization are:

  • Fostering the personal and social growth of choir members and promoting their sense of self-worth, self-esteem, accomplishment, and pride

  • Exposing children to the values and beliefs of other societies and cultures

  • Teaching children to read music at various ability levels

  • Maintaining choir membership open to children of all racial, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds

  • Attaining a high level of excellence in public musical performance

  • Contributing to the cultural life of Anderson, Indiana and Madison County areas

  • Increasing the quality of singing in area schools by providing an organization which can excel beyond the experiences possible in the average school music program

Curriculum Content

  1. The Anderson Area Children’s Choir & Youth Chorale is a special learning environment designed to provide a rich and rewarding experience for each child. The singers study and perform a variety of music from simple unison folk songs to more challenging choral literature.

  2. Masterpieces of music from all styles and periods serve as the basis for the curriculum and form the foundation for musical learning. Since the best musical experiences for children are inherent in great music, the children’s choir repertoire includes music from representative composers such as Praetorius, Bach, Handel, Schubert, Kodály and Britten. In addition, the selection of music includes current arrangements and compositions by children’s choir specialists such as Betty Bertaux, Mary Goetze, Henry Leck, and Doreen Rao.

  3. Concepts of music (rhythm, pitch, harmony, form, dynamics, and style) as well as vocal skills (singing, theory, sight-singing, and solfege) are taught sequentially throughout the rehearsals. Musical objectives are met through singing, listening, analysis, and some instrumental performance.

  4. The children are taught the systematic use of their vocal instrument through correct posture, breath control, vocal exercise, and tone production. The essence of musical experience is based on pitch and rhythm, as it is sensed and heard in vocal expression.

  5. Singing is the major means of musical experience in the Anderson Area Children’s Choir & Youth Chorale. Through vocal experiences relating directly to the literature and warm-ups, true musical literacy is achieved. Singing is a powerful personal means of musical expression. It is the hope of this organization that this experience will form the foundation of a life-long relationship with music for the singers and their families.

Eligibility & Tuition

The choir is open to all singers currently in or entering kindergarten through grade 12. The membership draws from all over central Indiana. Auditions are held each May for the upcoming fall season. Veteran singers need to re-audition for placement in the choirs. New singers, entering grades two through twelve in the fall, are asked to complete a full audition for placement in one of the four levels of curriculum. Auditions may be held upon request for interested singers by calling the office. For further audition information, click here!

Tuition for the instruction is charged by the year. A sibling rate of half tuition is offered for families with more than one singer in the choirs. For current fee information, please call the Indianapolis Children's Choir office at 317-940-9640. For those eligible students, a scholarship program is available to defray tuition and uniform costs. Guardians should ask for a scholarship application during the time of the audition to determine eligibility.