Frequent questions about joining the AACC:

Who are we?

Singers in grades K-12 divided into four choirs based on age. The Preparatory Program does not audition.

When & where do we meet?

Tuesday evenings (time varies based on your choir). We start in mid-August and finish the first Sunday in May. We rehearse and perform at First United Methodist Church in downtown Anderson, and we have a few performances in the Anderson community throughout the year.

Is there a cost?

Yes, there is a fee, but we have MANY singers who are on full or partial scholarships. We won’t leave you out due to cost!

Is the audition hard?

No, you can sing a simple song like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and a few other easy things just so we can hear your voice. It’s not hard at all!

TIPS for a successful audition:

  • RELAX!  Your voice will sound stressed if you are stressed.  The directors love to hear your voice!

  • Have good manners.  Say please and thank you.  You are auditioning your good character as well as your voice.

  • Sing with confidence.  Try to use a mature tone with big vowel sounds.

  • RELAX!  We've already told you this one, but it's that important!

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